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Tên sản phẩm: Arc Welding Automat ADF-1250
Mã sản phẩm: ADF-1250

Welding automat ADF-1250 is designed for submerged welding and surfacing with electrode wire of low carbon steel items.  ADF-1250 is an automotive device, in which welding wire feeding, transferring and arc protection are made automatically according defined program.

 Automat makes the welding of butt joints with and without edge preparation, fillet welds by inclined electrode and lap welding.

The welds can be line and girth. During operation the tractor moves along a product or along guard laid on the product.

Main advantages:

  • Microprocessor control unit
  • Continuous adjustment of welding wire feeding speed (welding current).
  • Continuous adjustment of trolley movement speed (speed of welding)
  • Stabilization of welding speed and wire feeding speed.
  • Digital indication of welding current and voltage value, welding speed, crater welding up time and arc expanding time.
  • Possibility of setting and storage of crater welding up time and arc expanding time.
  • Presetting of welding mode.
  • Remote switching on and continuous control of power source voltage.
  • Regulations of welding head position:
  • around vertical axis of carrier column to the angle of carrier column to the angle of 90о with position fixing;
  • around its longitudinal axis at an angle of  45о with position fixation ;
  • down and across by   50 mm from average position by means of two screw supports.

Movement of welding head in assembly with control unit, bin and cassette along carrier column with position fixing.

Coupling and uncoupling of wheels with drive by means of gear type clutch.

Accessory drive rollers and inserts in current wire.

Bin’s design allows visual control of the flux level in the bin

System of residual flux disposal to the bin after welding.

Parameter Value
Rated mains voltage of single-phase mains at 50Hz frequency,V
Power consumption from mains, VA, not over
Rated welding current,  at DC =100%, А
Welding current range control, A
250 - 1250
Electrode wire diameter, mm
2- 5
Electrode wire feeding speed, m/h
Welding speed, mh
15 - 100
Turning angle of welding head around vertical axis
Turning angle of welding head around horizontal axis
Axis angle of current lead of vertical axis
0 - 45 °
Vertical displacement of wire feeding device, mm
Horizontal displacement of wire feeding device perpendicular to weld, mm
Wheel track, mm
Wheel rut, mm
Cassette capacity for wire, kg
Bin capacity for flux, dm. Cub.
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight of automat without electrode wire , kg, not over

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