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Two-head arc welding automat ADF-1002 type 2TS-17S (T- joint welding)
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Tên sản phẩm: Two-head arc welding automat ADF-1002 type 2TS-17S (T- joint welding)
Mã sản phẩm: ADF-1002 type 2TS-17S

Automat ADF-1002 type 2TS-17S is designed for automatic submerged arc welding of T-joint constructions of carbon and alloyed steel with two inclined electrodes. The automat performs welding stiffening ribs of strip type or stiffening ribs of trapezoidal profile with the height of from 160 mm to 360 mm to orthotropic plate. The lower limit (160mm) of stiffening rib height can be diminished on special demand.

In operation the automat is moving along a workpiece. Welding is performed under flux at direct current with consumable electrodes with line welds.

The automat is completed with control unit and two power units – welding rectifiers. Changing of wire feeding speed and speed of welding is effected stepwise – by means of replaceable pinions in geared drives.  The tractor can be delivered both with full set of replaceable pinions, and with pinions  mating pairs of which are intended for wire feeding speed and  the tractor traveling speed, necessary for a particular customer.

Welding tractor consists of the following basic parts:

  • A trolley including: electric motor, feeding mechanism with a distribution shaft, traverse gear with  chain drives and driving wheels;
  • Two welding heads, each of them including: straightening and feeding units, current contact jaws; electrode position adjustment mechanism, ensuring the slope and displacement of a current contact jaw  relatively to the weld;
  • Set of cam devices;
  • Two collectors for flux with melt distributing assemblies;
  • Two devices for electrode wire arrangement;
  • Remote control desk.

The advantages of welding automat:

The elements of the construction that realize its following advantages as compared with existing analogs have been changed in the tractor:

  • the electric circuit allowing the operator to control optimally electrode wires feeding and the performance of the tractor in general has been improved;
  • motor-reductor part has been modernized, in particular the positions of joints of electric motor shaft with input elements of the back axle reducer and feeding mechanism reducer have been strengthened;
  • the hardness of gear worms has been increased;
  • the adjustment of worm-and-worm gear engagement has been improved;
  • the output part of feeding mechanism reducer has been strengthened;
  • in the back axle reducer the end coupling, preventing from slippage has been applied;
Parameter Value
Mains voltage, V (at 50Hz frequency)
Quantity of welding arcs
Rated welding current (at DC, %), А
500 (100%)*
Recommended range of welding current adjustment, А
250…450 *
Electrode wire diameter, mm
1,6 – 2,0*
Adjustment range of electrode wire feeding speed, mh
150 – 300 *
Adjustment range of welding rate, mh
20 - 35
Напряжение питания электродвигателя частотой 50 Гц, В
3 х 36
Adjustment range of slope angle of welding head in the plane square with the weld, degree
30º -  50º
Capacity of wire feeding and trolley travelling drive, W
Wheel track, mm
Quantity of wire cassettes, pcs.
Wire cassette capacity, kg
Quantity of flux bins, pcs.
Flux bin volume, l, not less
Overall dimensions of the tractor, mm, not over
Weight of the tractor, without a cassette with wire and flux, kg, not over
Overall dimensions of the control unit, mm
320 х 290 х 370
Weight of the control unit, kg, not over


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